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On the fast track

Formula 1 racing ignites passion for unique sport

Formula 1 season is undoubtedly the best season. It is so fun to watch because it has both the action of any good sport as well as the drama of a reality TV show. The drivers are skilled and have fun personalities that make getting to know them just as entertaining as the race itself. 

In case aren’t familiar with the fast-paced sport of Formula 1, here is a brief description of all ten teams on the grid, plus my opinions on them and some of their drivers. Additionally, for your convenience, the order of the teams listed is the same as their current position in the 2024 season.

1. Red Bull. I love Red Bull partially because I am Austrian (Austria founded the company) and partially because they are absolute beasts at F1. Their star driver, Max Verstappen, is a three-time world champion, the youngest race winner in history, has the most wins in a season (19/22), and is overall a down-to-earth, funny guy.

Unfortunately, a lot of people dislike the team along with Max because they feel his domination is making the sport boring. I feel like it is an honor to watch someone so skilled make history in the sport you love. You can’t reminisce over the glory days of racers like Ayrton Senna or Sebastian Vettel without understanding that they too once dominated the track.

2. Ferrari. As Senna famously said, “Everyone is a Ferrari fan. Even if they say they’re not, they are Ferrari fans.” I agree with this statement and firmly believe that Ferrari’s participation in F1 since the sport’s origin in 1950 is both iconic and crucial to its success. 

While Ferrari has had serious ups and downs, overall, they have an impressive track record and hold the most wins of any other team. Additionally, they typically have skilled and interesting drivers. However, I do have to give them a penalty for replacing current driver Carlos Sainz with Lewis Hamilton in the upcoming season. It is truly a bad strategy, but Ferrari is not unfamiliar with those.

3. McLaren!!! I love McLaren. They are a solid team and have the best public relations team. There is more to F1 than just racing, and drivers spend a considerable amount of time doing interviews and social media to boost viewer engagement. While I may just be reminiscing on Carlando (iykyk), their team, as of the last few years their team has had some of the best driver dynamics that make McLaren’s content top tier.

Even on the track, the team has seen major improvements over the last few years. Their driver (one of my favs), Lando Norris, has delivered impressive performances, and now his fans (me) eagerly await his and Oscar Piastri’s first win. (Update: Lando won in Miami!!! AHHHH)

4. Mercedes. Controversially, I strongly dislike Mercedes. Mainly because their CEO, Toto Wolff, has such a suspicious, Grinch-esque smile that I can’t help but suspect something is up (Mercgate 2.0?). 

Also, their driver, Lewis Hamilton, has been a real crybaby this season. He constantly says, “Oh, this car is so slow,” to justify his bad performance. Like, dude, your teammate George Russell has the same car and does just fine. Just admit your time as champion is over.

5. Aston Martin. Hmm. I am pretty neutral about them as a team, as they are pretty average performance-wise. But I am NOT neutral about their driver, Fernando Alonso, who is the oldest and coolest person currently on the grid. Even at 42, he continues to be an aggressive and skilled driver, and no one can celebrate a win the same way he can.

Now, their other driver, Lance Stroll, is something else. However good or bad a driver he may be (leaning to the latter on that one), it will always be overshadowed by how he got a seat in F1. That’s right, daddy’s money. Stroll is the ultimate nepo baby, and the majority of fans resent him for it. 

6. Team RB, also referred to by their HORRIBLE new name, Visa Cash App RB. They are owned by Red Bull and are significantly worse performance-wise. But they have driver Daniel Ricciardo, who is one of the most spirited drivers on the grid. Is his time in F1 ending? Potentially. Will I accept this? No. They also have Yuki Tsunoda, who is a fan favorite. I personally don’t get the hype, but at 5’ 3”, you can’t hate the guy.

7. HAAS. I’m not a huge fan, as they are pretty mid-field, but I do really respect their team dynamic. Kevin Magnussen isn’t opposed to sacrificing his own race in order to help his teammate, Nico Hulkenberg, score precious points for the team. 

8. Alpine. Alpine is known to be a pretty unremarkable team because they quite literally suck. Also, they are a French team, making them even less likable. Their only redeemable quality is that their cars and uniforms have pink on them, so at least you can spot them at the very back of the race.

9. Williams. I have no qualms with Williams, but the only people who are true die-hard fans are super-patriotic Americans who support Logan Sargeant, the only American on the grid. It truly is only the American spirit that can get people to root for the guy in 21st place in a 20-person competition. (I am one of those people.)

It’s a shame he and his teammate Alex Albon, whom I also like, have done nothing but crash this season, leaving them with a damaged chassis and a bad start to the season.

10. Stake team. They are fun, and their driver, Valtteri Bottas, has a lot of personality, but honestly, their car and pit stops are such a joke that they have no chance to perform at their highest ability. Most people are just excited for Audi to take them over in 2026.

Overall, I hope I have convinced you to start watching F1. If you are already a fan and want to get your friends to watch it with you, maybe show them this article or a photo of Charles Leclerc because one of those is bound to work. 

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