Golfers prepare for season

Stephani Whisenant

For many Viking athletes, golf is a fun and engaging activity that also serves as a stress reliever.

Senior Matthew Wilkinson has been involved with the golf program since his freshman year.

“I have fun doing it,” Wilkinson said. “It’s something I enjoy.”

But fun and winning don’t come without practice, and Wilkinson says he puts a lot of time into golf.

“[We practice] for around sixteen hours a week,” Wilkinson said.

Wilkinson is not the only student who works hard on the course. Junior Tyler Sheffield also actively practices to perfect her stroke.

“We practice Monday through Thursday” Sheffield said. “Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday we’re at the Municipal Golf Course, and Wednesday we’re at Briarcrest [Country Club].”

These long practices help prepare them for competitions throughout the year.

“We have about three [tournaments] in the fall, and about five in the spring,” Sheffield said.

Unlike most sports, golf season lasts all year, and has a different competitive set up than other sports such as football or baseball.

“We’re allowed to play eight invitational tournaments each year,” assistant coach Robin Colicchio said. “After that it’s district and then if we have students who qualify from district, then they move on to regionals.”

Golf also differs from many sports by using both individual ratings and cumulative team scores to generate the final placing.

“By competing as individuals and as a team, we are pushed to do our best even more,” Sheffield said.

Golf is a sport that players put a lot of time and effort into. They believe that this is the only way to get better. Colicchio agrees and says he loves to see his students grow.

“I enjoy watching the kid’s progress and smile when they get better,” Colicchio said.

If a student has interest in joining the golf team, see Coach Colicchio in room 5236 for more information.