Deathly Hallows makes magic at the theatre

Stephani Whisenant

While some people were jumping into bed at 10PM, many others across the world were in their seats at a local theatre awaiting the end of an era. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the final installment of the Harry Potter franchise, was released at midnight on July 15, 2011. The long awaited finale was expected to be big and thanks to many adoring fans it lived up to that prediction.

Being a “potterhead” myself, I bought my ticket a month early, prepared my costume, and reread all the books before the big night. When I finally arrived at the theatre a mere four hours early, fully decked out in my Dobby the house elf costume, I was in awe at the air of excitement.

Everywhere you looked there were people dressed up, nd not just your typical Harry and Ron and Hermione. There were werewolves, dementors, Hagrids, and quite a few Voldemorts, just to name a few. Everyone was walking around, taking pictures, handing out homemade pumpkin pastries and absorbing all the Pottermania. People were talking, making guesses at how deaths would play out, and (for those who hadn’t read the books) guessing if Harry would be able to take down the dark lord Voldemort.

Finally the time came, and at 11:45 everyone was back in their seats, and those who had been reading or watching another HP movie on a portable DVD player had stopped, and were waiting for the countdown.

The movie started with headmaster Severus Snape (my personal favorite character) looking over the students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a school that has quickly turned into a gruesome place after the fall of the Ministry of Magic, and the rise of the evil Lord Voldemort. We then get a look at Harry Potter and his best friends, Ron Weasely and Hermione Granger, who are hiding out in a family cottage, planning their next move to destroy horcruxes, ultimately destroying Lord Voldemort himself.

Their hunt leads them to break into the wizarding bank Gringotts, where they must enter the vault of Voldemort’s most loyal follower, Bellatrix Lestrange. After they successfully enter, find the horcrux, and then escape on the back of a dragon, Harry gets a vision of Lord Voldemort plotting his next attack on Hogwarts.The trio then apparate into Hogsmead (a village outside of Hogwarts) to try and find a way to secretly enter, and secure the castle before Voldemort would get there.

Once at Hogwarts, Harry overcomes the task of finding and destroying the final horcruxes. When a vision of Voldemort leads him down to a boat house, Harry witnesses the death of Snape, his old potions master, and double agent, who up until now had an unknown allegiance. Snape leaves Harry a memory that not only proves that Snape was always on Harry’s side, but also gives Harry the information needed to destroy Voldemort.
At that moment, Voldemort gives Harry an ultimatum: turn himself in or watch his friends die. After preparing to turn himself in, Harry leaves in the midst of the “Battle of Hogwarts” into the forbidden forest, where he will meet Voldemort and his fate.

Overall, the movie was a great ending to the series.

The acting was superb, which I believe is partly to the fact that these actors have devoted ten years to the movies, and have really been able to grow into their characters. Alan Rickman, who plays Professor Snape, was hands-down the best character of the film. This part of the story was especially emotional for Snape as a character, and Alan Rickman did an excellent job portraying those emotions. Another person to note for great acting would be the hero himself Harry, played by Daniel Radcliffe. Harry goes through a lot of action and personal struggles through the film, and Radcliffe was able to grasp that and play it perfectly.

Special effects in this film were awesome as well. Make-up was used to make Ralph Fiennes, who plays Voldemort, looks dead and serpent-like, as he should look. The budget that was used for this was the largest of all the films, and its shows in the small details of costumes, locations, and graphics.
The computer graphics for the film were good as well. The designers were able to make the final fight scene look completely real. This was very useful in developing certain creatures such as the acromantulas, giants, and statues that came to life.

As the ending of an era, and a childhood to many, I don’t believe that Deathly Hallows Part 2 could have been a better conclusion to the Harry Potter saga. Fans were involved, hearts were melted and ends were tied. The movie proved to give the right amount of action, romance, and originality to satisfy the enormous fan base that the series has gained over the years’. “Mischief managed!”