Classic cartoon captures Christmas spirit

Emily Nash

Christmas is almost here, and that means presents, putting up the lovely Christmas tree, eating, and of course spending time with your family and friends. As Christmas comes closer and closer, the time for those classic Christmas movies to come on television is just around the corner.

Although Christmas movies are not my favorite to watch, there are definitely two that are on my list of movies not to watch and one I always look forward to seeing each year.

I have never finished watching A White Christmas, because it’s so boring, I find it hard to stay awake during the movie. It’s a movie that’s considered a classic musical that should be watched around Christmas, but from what I’ve seen of the it, it’s one I try to avoid every year. I don’t particularly like old-people musicals, especially ones about Christmas.

The Santa Clause, though, would have to be by far the worst Christmas movie ever made. It’s about a dad who magically turns into Santa Claus and has to take the place of the real Santa Claus when he accidentally kills him on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, there have been two sequels and they’re just as bad as the first one.

Now that you know which movies to avoid let’s move on to the must see movie of the holiday season. A Charlie Brown Christmas would have to be my favorite Christmas movie.

It’s a perfect family movie for you, your younger siblings and even your parents as they remember watching the same movie around Christmas time when they were kids. Who doesn’t love all the Peanut characters, like Lucy, Linus, Charlie Brown, Sally and the ever so popular Snoopy and his partner Woodstock? It’s a positive movie that sends the message of love, friendship, and the true meaning of Christmas. If you’ve somehow made it this long without seeing the movie, make sure you change that this year and have yourself a Charlie Brown Christmas!

The Christmas season is home to numerous movies, yet most of these films just aren’t worth watching. Instead, stick to classics like A Charlie Brown Christmas.