Like Clockwork: Custodial personnel

Custodians are responsible for much more than just cleaning up after lunch or emptying the trash; they are constantly making sure things are clean and clear in the halls and their workdays are much longer than the typical school day.

“Everyone on the custodial staff works hard,” head custodian Lupe Alvarado said.  “Keeping things clean around campus is very important, not just to us, but also to students, teachers and the administration.”

Around campus, each of the custodians have different jobs to attend to like cleaning restrooms, sweeping the halls, vacuuming the classrooms, and cleaning up before, during and after lunch.

Principal’s assistant Maria Field is constantly working with the custodial staff.

“What don’t the custodians do around here?” Field said. “They’re busy, they’re the ones behind the scenes that are constantly either cleaning or picking up or creating new areas for us to be able to be proud of our school.”

When there is a function on campus, the custodians must come early, stay after to clean-up and lock-up and are responsible for unlocking and locking the doors.

“They are the Bryan High School family,” Field said, “and they’re an entity that we couldn’t function without. They get us ready for the next day. They’re always ready for the following day, cleaning and picking-up, and opening the doors and be ready for another day of school.”