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Like Clockwork: Office personnel

Yvette Ybarra December 2, 2011
Many students have proudly walked these halls as Vikings, but upon graduation, most of them move away from high school, leaving their teen years as memories to merely reminisce over. Some, however, get the opportunity to experience the other side of high school and continue to be a daily part of the Viking family.

Like Clockwork: Cafeteria personnel

Regina Flores November 21, 2011
If a small child asked “What is a lunch lady?”, the initial response would probably be, “they’re the ones that serve people food in cafeterias.” However, this is only one of the many tasks they do. So much more goes on behind the scenes that students don’t think about.

Like Clockwork: Custodial personnel

Maurissa Ramirez November 14, 2011
Custodians are responsible for much more than just cleaning up after lunch or emptying the trash; they are constantly making sure things are clean and clear in the halls and their workdays are much longer than the typical school day.

Like Clockwork: Security personnel

Justin Sanders November 7, 2011
When fights happen or trouble occurs, there are only a few people that are able to handle the situation. Just by walking through campus, many people can be found that are not teachers, but whose only job is to make sure that students are safe.

Like Clockwork: Attendance Personnel

Davis Downey November 2, 2011
Almost everyone has missed the bus, or slept in and shown up late to school. When they arrive late, the attendance office is where they go. These women have to deal with every grumpy kid that has to get that one tardy that sends them to SAC.
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