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Like Clockwork: Cafeteria personnel

Regina Flores November 21, 2011

If a small child asked “What is a lunch lady?”, the initial response would probably be, “they’re the ones that serve people food in cafeterias.” However, this is only one of the many tasks they...

You are what you eat, it’s not a myth

adviser November 20, 2011

Obesity. It's an epidemic, we've been told, and the facts are there to back it up. Since 1980, the percentage of adolescents who are obese has almost tripled, according to the CDC. Government agencies...

Music de’notes’ odd ensemble

Yvette Ybarra November 19, 2011

Our generation cannot live without music. Any place you find teens, you’ll also find iPods in their hands and headphones in their ears. One thing you see often, though, is that music often creates groups...

Coaching experience caters to classroom chemistry

Davis Downey November 18, 2011

Former coach Eric Eike has been bringing sports into the classroom for 25 years, teaching with the same philosophy he applied on the field. His method of teaching reflects the style of a former coach,...

Volume 41 Number 4

adviser November 18, 2011

Published on November 18, 2011 by the Bryan High School Norseman in Bryan, Texas. To zoom in or magnify, please use the toolbar at the bottom of the viewing window Volume 41 Number 4(function() { var...

Eyes on the road: Raising awareness about dangers of texting, driving

Emily Nash November 16, 2011

“Crash!” Shattered windows, a mangled car, blood splattered everywhere, people crowd around the accident, and soon hear sirens from a distance. Was that text message really worth your life or the...

Like Clockwork: Custodial personnel

Maurissa Ramirez November 14, 2011

Custodians are responsible for much more than just cleaning up after lunch or emptying the trash; they are constantly making sure things are clean and clear in the halls and their workdays are much longer...

Plugged In: Online Classes

John Fuller November 10, 2011

For years now, it seems that the entire world has proclaimed online classes to be the savior of public education. “The future is coming!” we’ve been told. Well, if this is what the future entails,...

Fun pastime turned competitive

Marisa Lindeman November 9, 2011

Most people who find themselves splashing in the water do it to pass the time in the hot Texas summer, but some take this pastime to a competitive level. Senior Haley Clark is an example of this. Not only...

By the Ledger: Efficient solutions found to retain staff

John Fuller November 4, 2011

Because of a decision by the Texas Legislature, Bryan ISD will lose about $5.8 million dollars in state funding for the Fiscal Year 2012. “By the Ledger” is a series of articles that focuses on the...

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