Single mom not always a negative label, can be badge of honor

Jennyfer Tucker

There are many people that come from single parent or broken family homes. I am one myself. Some either live with their mom, dad, or neither. You may even be lucky and have both, but sometimes that isn’t always a good thing. Most parents divorce, because of many disagreements and arguments. Many times, it is the mother doing everything on their own, just like mine.

I think single mothers are strong, determined, and willing individuals. I try to put myself in my moms shoes, though I’m not a mother, and I still try to have the mindset that my mom has by trying to understand what she’s gone through.

Single mom’s may even start at the age of 15, and most people may think that’s crazy or a bad thing, but I’m not saying it’s good or bad. What’s crazy is, a teen that has a baby, yet still goes to school and finishes what they need to do to graduate. Some adults can’t even do that. Some walk out on their families. I think any mother that can manage that and have their life and responsibilities in line are physically, emotionally, and mentally powerful.

Single moms usually have to take on the responsibility of a mother and a father. My father lives in California, which is thousands of miles away from where we live. My mom has been doing such an amazing job dealing with me and my two other siblings by herself.

Not all mothers that are on their own are the same. Some aren’t there for their kids, but the one thing some can have in common is taking care of their child. That’s one of the reasons I adore single mothers so much, they may not always be there to watch their child 24/7 because of work, but they’re working for them and what they need. Some even work two jobs back-to-back just to provide for their household.

I respect the mothers that don’t just leave their kids to do whatever they want. They actually want to love, protect, and spend time with them. That’s something that the world needs more of, that children need more of. Children need that kind of attention. I don’t know what I would do without my mom.

Even if the person you call mom isn’t your birth giver, someone who is there and has been there like no other female figure, can be considered your mother. For example, if your grandma took care of you, changed your diapers for you, and does everything to keep you safe, then she can be the mom you never had.

Not all moms are perfect, but if you’re blessed enough to have one, don’t take that for granted because I think a mother’s love is unconditional and it takes a lot to do everything that they do just to provide for their babies. Mothers keep you on your feet, and I personally think that’s the best motive for anyone.  It takes a woman to have a baby, but it takes a mother to raise one.