More than meets the eye: Ordinary activities not always easy, take hard work, dedication

Star Salter

Whether it’s writing, playing sports, or making good grades some people find things easier than others. I find small talk difficult. I just can’t chit-chat with people, if there’s not a real topic, the conversation soon devolves into awkward staring. Some people just find things easier than others.

However just, because things seem easy to some people doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone. When I’m playing tennis, hitting the ball back and forth might seem easy, but keeping focus is the hardest part. Players can’t just simply hit the ball, they have to hit the ball correctly, which takes both practice and dedication.

This problem doesn’t just happen in sports, but also in everyday life. As some students bubble in their scantron as they struggle with each question while another student finishes the test quickly declaring “that the test was easy”, it’s more than a little discouraging. Or that time when one friend fails their driver’s test, while another friend passes because they said it was easy.

A person may that think that everything is hard, is going to always be that way mentally because that’s how they were conditioned. I believe everything is hard; even if someone gives me a worksheet and it has five problems about what I like about myself I think “omg this is so hard”, but in reality, it’s just a mental thing that I just can’t let go.

Even doing simple tasks such as jotting down notes in class or copying two sentences from the white board seems like a violation of my human rights. I end up making copies of the class notes, even if I attended the class. For most people, doing notes may not be a big deal, and is seen as a fairly easy task.

Like many of my peers, I can study all day and know every single question, but somehow end up failing. I can train and condition all day and when it comes down to the event, I lose. I can try, but try and never be as good as I want to be. Some things I know, but I just can’t do it even if I put my mind to it because I know how much I can take before I crack.

Students wonder if they’re talented enough to do sports, complete classwork, hold a job, or do other things that seem simple in life to many. Time is the key to being able to succeed whether something is hard or easy. I have to push through, even when I want to give up on everything, but I know in no time things will get easier. And for the people who do have everything come easy, know that others are trying.