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Comedian causes controversy

Addi Hollinger, Assistant editor February 15, 2024

Awards shows always spark controversy. From Kanye degrading Taylor Swift on stage at the 2009 MTV Music Awards to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Academy Awards, there is always drama that unfolds...

Football coach RJ Sneed played football for Baylor before coming to BHS and is passing on the lessons he has learned.

Going the distance

Addi Hollinger, Assistant editor January 29, 2024

Playing NCAA football is the dream for many student athletes as they suit up each Friday night in the fall on the 100-yard field. To have the drive and dedication to make it to the next level requires...

No lip service

No lip service

Addi Hollinger, Staff writer October 2, 2023

I cannot stand when my lips peel or crack. I would rather have tangled, unbrushed hair than dry lips. With my obsession with lip care, I have tried many different kinds of chapsticks, lip masks, and...

Oh, the places you’ll go

Addi Hollinger, Staff writer April 6, 2023

Five states. From sunshine to chilled air. From living by the ocean to living in the literal heart of winter. A constant pulling from one place to another, one new face to another. This was how I spent...

Best foot forward

February 6, 2023

The rush of the win, the excitement of the crowd, everything coming together as all the hard work pays off for the team. These are exactly the things the boys soccer team has felt during their undefeated...

Long overdue sequel excites fans

Addi Hollinger, Staff writer November 17, 2022

Amazing visuals, a new planet, refreshing views on life and energy. All of these and more can be found in the movie Avatar which has stolen the hearts of many viewers, including mine.  The movie follows...

Higher purpose

Addi Hollinger, Staff writer October 25, 2022

A football flies through the air. The receiver makes the catch. The crowd cheers. But winning the game is just a footnote for junior Tyson Turner as he knows that his grandfather is watching him play for...

Life-style changes

Addi Hollinger, Staff Writer September 14, 2022
“OMG, you don’t eat meat?, “What do you even eat?” These are just two of the reactions I usually get when I tell someone I am vegetarian.
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