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No parking: Student safety concerns prompt administration to change circle drive

Danica Mendes May 1, 2017

The circle drive is now a no parking zone and violators may be ticketed by the police department. All visitors are asked to park in the front lot and enter the campus through the secure check-in area before...

Senioritis pushes student to pursue interest instead of coasting through final year

Danica Mendes April 5, 2017

There seems to be a greater push to make students plan their future at a younger age. As fourth graders are expected to make decisions now that will affect them in high school. Sometimes though, students...

Schools take issue with new state accountability system

Danica Mendes February 13, 2017

The state of Texas rolled out a new A-F grading system this year to assess individual schools and districts based on standardized testing results. The complex system of sub-population indicators, categories,...

Edge of teen angst: Movie captures adolescent attitudes through comedy, drama

Danica Mendes January 17, 2017

We live in an era where a majority of young adults think that the world owes them something. Teens have used methods of expressing themselves over time from passing notes in class, to Myspace, to Facebook,...

All the world’s a stage: Theatre program performs play, playwright attends

Danica Mendes November 30, 2016

The lights blind senior Caleb Duane as he takes the stage. He feels the familiar rush of adrenaline as a hush falls over the audience. Caleb is used to performing to both crowds large and small, but this...

Patchwork pride: Principals mother constructs quilt to capture Viking spirit

Danica Mendes November 7, 2016

What it means to be a Viking can’t be summed up with a single word or item, but instead is made up of many parts to create the whole. Each activity, club, sport, and individual student comes together...

After the fire: Community leaders help educate seniors by hosting guest speakers

Danica Mendes October 10, 2016

“Do we really have to go outside? Can’t we just close the door and wait in the classroom?” students ask teachers as the alarm sounds signaling a fire drill. The lack of concern and idea that nothing...

Summer construction projects lay foundation for future

Danica Mendes September 27, 2016

Construction Projects Security entrance on Silver Campus Blue Bistro Merrill Green Stadium's new press box Students returned to campus this year noticing several big changes including...

Just like you like it: Senior’s parking spot, love of Whataburger gains attention on social media

Danica Mendes September 8, 2016

Texans take pride in their state symbols: the armadillo, the yellow rose, the state flag, bluebonnets, Blue Bell, Dr. Pepper, and of course Whataburger. In a town where orange and white paint usually...

Crossing over: Teacher transitions back to being student for summer

Danica Mendes May 12, 2016

Many of us look to our teachers as mentors, guides, and in many cases, holders of infinite knowledge who we could only one day hope to possess. Often times we forget that teachers were once students, and...

Divergent series diverges into gutter

Danica Mendes April 28, 2016

Allegiant, yet another novel from Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth, hit theaters March 18. Fans anticipated the film and hoped it would surpass the disappointment of the last movie. With hopeful hearts,...

Ag program steers student in positive direction

Danica Mendes April 19, 2016

Early mornings in the barn cleaning and feeding. Watching the sun rise over the trees no matter the weather. Taking care of livestock requires commitment and responsibility. Sophomore Wilsey Wendler has...

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