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Wrong kind of privacy

Eva Araujo April 17, 2012

When you get a friend request on Facebook, you normally think that person is your friend, however, when your parents add you as a friend one would tend to feel as though their parents are trying to play...

Student skills rewarded with scholarships for baseball

Eva Araujo April 10, 2012

The pitcher walks up to the mound feeling the weight of the ball in his hand. He takes a deep breath focusing in on his target. He tightens his grip on the ball, winds up, and releases. The catcher frames...

True to fashion, true to yourself

Eva Araujo April 3, 2012

High school is the the place where teenagers discover who they are or who they want to be as a person. However, many teenagers are afraid of being true to themselves for fear of being made fun of or looked...

Staple items hold wardrobe together – Tops

Eva Araujo March 27, 2012

PART 1 Fashion is one of the easiest and exciting ways to express yourselves, whether you’re a teenager in high school or a middle-aged teacher with kids. What you decide to put on in the morning is...

Staple items hold wardrobe together – Bottoms

Eva Araujo March 27, 2012

PART 2 Now on to the bottom half of an outfit. Whether you like it or not, denim is a must have. Without explanation, jeans are probably the most practical clothing item found in one’s closet. However,...

Stepping up for a team

Eva Araujo March 19, 2012

Stepping up and starting an organization can take some effort, especially if you’re a student in high school, but senior Samantha Evans didn’t let that stop her. Evans wanted to add something new...

Student Council helps prevent bullying

Eva Araujo January 13, 2012

Over the years bullying has taken a backseat to other issues. For many people, they see bullying as a problem of the past, when kids got in school yard scuffles and groups of kids openly poked fun at...

Capturing hearts, minds of students by sculpting relationships

Eva Araujo January 11, 2012

A photograph. A moment frozen in time. A memory captured and preserved in tiny megapixels. Photography is just a a hobby for some, but for art teacher John Burrows photography is a passion. Burrows has...

Tennis star ‘serves’ others

Eva Araujo November 29, 2011

To some, tennis is just a hobby or a sport, played just to exercise. But that’s not the case for one particular senior mixed-doubles tennis player. Senior Jacob Preston has been playing tennis since...

Coldplay energizes new album

Eva Araujo November 17, 2011

Think about one of the greatest bands in the world coming out with a new album after three years. A band with fifty million albums sold worldwide changing the way the world views alternative music and...

Culture Shock: Transitioning from private to public school

Eva Araujo October 5, 2011

Transferring to a new school is one thing, but transferring from a private Christian school to a public high school is a whole other story. That story is mine. Going to Bryan High was sort of a scary...

Rip Tide washes over awaiting fans

Eva Araujo September 27, 2011

It was August 30th and Beirut fans all over the world rushed to their local record store to purchase the small brown Indie album with The Rip Tide written on the middle of it. Not having anything to feed...

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