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Cautionary tale: Social media requires forethought before posting

Madison Little April 25, 2017

Hashtag. Ating. Trending. Tweeting. Snapping. The internet streams social media into teens’ lives every waking moment of the day. Social media has become the communication form of choice with teens which...

Bulls eye: Faculty, students enjoy darts competition as way to relax, meet new people

Madison Little March 30, 2017

Consistency, accuracy, precision are all characteristics associated with athletes and the sports they participate, but most people overlook darts as a competition because it's seen mostly as a hobby where...

Carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders: Junior keeps positive attitude, strong work ethic to lead by example

Madison Little February 28, 2017

While most high school sports are characterized by the cheering fans or screeching whistles, sports like powerlifting are often overshadowed. Powerlifting is a unique sport in which athletes compete in...

All work, no pay: Coaches score big payouts for player performance

Madison Little February 24, 2017

Whether the star of the little league team or the kid picking flowers in the outfield, it’s a rite of passage for American children to test the waters of sports. The obsession with sports doesn’t end...

Get in Formation: Beyonce fans experience concert of a lifetime, connect to artist

Madison Little December 9, 2016

I witnessed first hand Beyoncé’s groundbreaking Lemonade concert in Houston. I was more than ready to “Get in Formation” by the time the concert started. When she sang her first lyrics, I felt more...

Social media initiative rocks: Facebook group looks to spread positivity in community

Madison Little November 4, 2016

Society is full of cruelty and negativity, something as simple as a rock could change the way people perceive themselves, others, and the world around them. Inspiration can be found in places of little...

Audiences flock to Shondaland for thrills, drama

Madison Little October 20, 2016

Shonda Rhimes: a name heard around the world. With Netflix booming and people wanting to binge watch the latest television shows, social media is overloaded with information on the newest television series....

Testing the water: Cook competes at Olympic Trials

Madison Little September 15, 2016

As the swimmers walk out and take the plunge into the pool the crowd goes silent. Each swimmer positions themselves as the officials calls for them to take their mark. A single beep sounds and cheers...

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