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Classic music longevity proves superiority over modern songs

Nathan Johanson March 10, 2022
ontinue listening to the good classics from the previous century. I have listened to newer music, but I think the best eras of music are found in the 20th century. I like most genres of music, as long as the music is older than me. Some of my favorite artists include Queen, The Beatles, Billy Joel, The Beach Boys, Michael Jackson, and Elvis Presley. 

Up in the air

Nathan Johanson January 31, 2022
Looking out the window, there’s nothing but sky and clouds for miles and miles. With nothing but the roar of the engine to keep you company, there is a peaceful solitude that can be found while flying. Though senior Jake Fattig started taking pilot lessons when he was 15-years-old, he’s been interested in planes since junior high and plans to spend the rest of his life miles above the ground. 

Finding niche within band helps create friendships

Nathan Johanson December 2, 2021
I’m in the Viking band, and even though practices can be tough, it is definitely worth it. I love band and I think everyone should consider joining band or participate in some other student organization. There are many benefits to joining a student organization such as making new friends and spending lots of time with them at practices. Practice also gives you something to do after school other than homework.

Loki, low-key likable character through portrayal in new Disney+ series

Nathan Johanson September 21, 2021
Seeing someone from another perspective can help you appreciate and understand the character better. The new Disney+ series, Loki, shares a story from Loki's perspective and changes how people think of him. Loki steals the tesseract and is captured by the Time Variance Authority (TVA), an organization that maintains the sacred timeline. They were going to reset Loki, but they recruited him instead to help them capture another Loki variant, named Sylvie. When he captures Sylvie, he goes with her and they discover who’s really in charge of the TVA. In the end the timeline branches in various directions, setting up the new multiverse. 
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