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Beauty on a Budget: Drugstore products provide palatable solution at low cost

Payton McKeehan April 18, 2017

Makeup is an art that women and a number of men take pride in, painting their faces like blank canvases. There are plenty of options that can help artists and newbies achieve the various looks someone...

Little fish in big pond: Freshman earns medals at state swim meet

Payton McKeehan April 12, 2017

Swimming is a sport where fractions of seconds make the difference in medaling and hoping for a better time next season. Freshman Abby Surley has progressed this season to shave entire seconds off her...

App encourages students to focus on school, not phone through local rewards

Payton McKeehan March 4, 2017

Phone apps have recently entered a new market that is aimed to help students pay attention instead of adding to the distractions that plague high school and college students. Pocket Points is an app that...

Quit milking it: Coddled youth never gain independence

Payton McKeehan January 23, 2017

Many fears in the world cause some superstitious parents to over protect their children. Independence is gained at a young age but, being over-nurtured or coddled, can cause some kids to lack in that characteristic....

Video bloggers inspire, provide guidance for beauty, style

Payton McKeehan December 6, 2016

YouTube is used world-wide to upload and watch videos to entertain whatever quirky interest internet users may be into. I find amusement in the beauty and fashion channels like many other young girls....

Annual golf tournament held to honor former players

Payton McKeehan November 10, 2016

The golf team hosted the first annual Maliska/Hicks Memorial Boys Varsity Tournament this year at the Texas A&M golf course. The tournament is named after former Viking players Garrett Maliska, who...

We’re all in this together: Disney musical classic for current generation

Payton McKeehan October 6, 2016

In January of 2006, children tuned into the Disney Channel to watch the new movie, High School Musical, as an afternoon distraction. Unbeknownst to them, they were witnessing the premiere of a classic....

Community bonds through tragedy: Students, faculty return to homes following tornado clean-up

Payton McKeehan September 20, 2016

Principal Lane Buban's Home Roofers work to cover principal Lane Buban's home in tarps to prevent more rain damage. Aerial shot of Buban's home with a majority of the roof covered in tarps. ...

From Little League to collegiate play, baseball player realizes dream

Payton McKeehan May 16, 2016

Standing on the pitcher’s mound, dirt blowing at the pitcher’s feet, all eyes on him, but he’s only focusing on the batter standing sixty feet away. The crowd grows silent, no one breathes for the...

Online classes sacrifice social interaction, creates lazy lifestyle

Payton McKeehan May 4, 2016

Online courses have become a popular alternative to physically attending class. This is good for some people like single working parents trying to go back to school, foreign students who can’t leave...

Giving back: Key Club raises money for Leukemia Lymphoma society

Payton McKeehan May 2, 2016

School fundraising, some dread selling products for their campaign or organization, others adore the opportunity to do something for others. Bryan High’s Key Club sponsored fundraisers for the school...

Kickin’ it: Senior soccer player supports teammates on, off field

Payton McKeehan March 3, 2016

For years, senior Nick Cargo has spent hours playing soccer with his sister, peers from school, and club teammates. Evolving from the little kid who could barely keep up with the ball to the athlete who...

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