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Backyard warfare

Reily Dominy, Editor January 17, 2024

The year is 2024. The apocalypse has left the world in ruins. There is nothing left but a few measly plants in your garage keeping you company as society has come to a halt. The only thing between you...

Students from across Texas gather in the Silver cafeteria to compete during the speed cubing event.

Problem solved

Reily Dominy, Editor November 12, 2023

A classic puzzle from the 70’s has found a resurgence among youth. The Rubik’s Cube, which could be found unsolved and discarded in countless homes in the 80’s, has been given new life through online...

Senior Derek Ramsey sets up on the line of scrimmage before running an out route against Temple.

Senior shines, steps up in homecoming game

Reily Dominy, Editor October 12, 2023

Seniors Derek Ramsey and Tyson Turner have been friends since kindergarten. They have many things in common that have worked together to solidify their friendship over the years including their faith,...

Reduce, reuse, reimagine

Reily Dominy, Editor October 5, 2023

Over-consumption has been a growing problem over the past few years. With the rise of online stores such as Shein, Wish, and Temu, clothes are mass-produced and made out of cheap materials that quickly...

Life is Strange spins superb story through symbolism

Reily Dominy, Assistant editor March 29, 2023

Life Is Strange is a five-part episodic story-based choice and consequence game that allows players to rewind time that affects the past, present, and future. Released in 2015, the style the creators used...

Ace in the hole

Reily Dominy, Editor March 1, 2023

Last season as the baseball team entered the playoffs undefeated in district play, then-sophomore pitcher Rylan Hill began warming up and felt his arm tighten. His next pitch sent waves of pain through...

Student led newspaper evolves to meet consumer needs

Reily Dominy, Assistant editor January 30, 2023

Student voices. Immediate access. Complete coverage. The face of delivering news and stories to students has changed drastically over the last few decades. Consumer needs are no longer met by a print newspaper...

Marvel game goes Miles above expectations

January 10, 2023

After hours of rigorous gameplay, smashing the X button over and over, and finally defeating the final boss, the last cutscene plays. You feel a sense of joy circulating through you, reflecting on the...

To my own beat

Reily Dominy, Assistant editor October 11, 2022

Over the past few months, I have traveled across Texas to see several concerts. It is a rather expensive hobby, but it’s been totally worth every penny. I wish I could go back in time and re-experience...

The art of teaching

Reily Dominy, Assistant editor October 6, 2022

It takes time for people to discover their passion through trial and error as they pursue different pathways. At times, individuals have to try over and over again before they find what is right for them....

Sophomore soars to new heights in track and field competition

Reily Dominy May 4, 2022
Launching off the ground. Soaring through the air. Clearing the bar. Sophomore Tyson Turner has made his mark as part of the school’s track and field team with his abilities in the high jump event and has shown his commitment to becoming the best athlete he can be. 

Strawberry shortcake strikes sweet spot, turns sour through decades of evolution

Reily Dominy March 9, 2022
The show and franchise Strawberry Shortcake has been a part of many generations' lives and has evolved over the past few decades to appeal to different age groups. Making its debut in 1979, the show continues to evolve today; however, it may not be for the best.
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