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Obsessive tendencies

Sloan McKeehan, Staff writer October 11, 2023

Teenage girls can’t seem to help themselves. We frequently end up with a big fat crush on a ridiculous sports team. And yes, I mean a sports team, not a person who happens to play the sport. Now, I can’t...

Soaring through the air

Sloan McKeehan, Staff writer May 2, 2023

A spear flies through the air before stabbing the ground yards away. Senior Sabine Hallerman started competing in the javelin toss last year and has developed quickly as an athlete. During the summer of...

Personal responsibility

Sloan McKeehan, Staff writer March 31, 2023

I asked my mom what she thought of when hearing the words “personal responsibility.” She responded with a list that looked like this: “grades, making sure your room is clean, and honesty.” I then...

Taking the lead

February 14, 2023

Basketball is a team sport focused on effort and communication. If  the players aren’t connected, the whole game falls apart. In order for players to win they need to be able to trust their teammates...

Grape juice reigns supreme over all other drinks

January 11, 2023

Juice is yummy, spectacular, flavorful, delectable, and scrumptious. It compliments any meal or is great as a stand-alone drink. Though there is a lot of debate about what juice reigns supreme, I know...

Heartthrob heartache avoided with Harry Styles appearance on teen-scene

Sloan McKeehan, Staff writer September 19, 2022
Everyone in their early teens has a heartthrob, whether It was Justin Bieber or one of the Jonas brothers, I was always fan-girling over the next popular teen boy singer. I was always dreaming of Justin Bieber appearing on my doorstep and confessing his undying love for me. Then once I respond with “YES, YES, TAKE ME INTO YOUR ARMS AND NEVER LET ME GO,” he would proceed to do his choreographed song and dance while throwing rose petals at me. 

Childhood activities taken for granted, would love to go back during teen years

Sloan McKeehan April 27, 2022
o got invited to play tag with the boys? We were too young to care about our outfit and too naive to care if we were liked. We just lived.

Check mate: Chess club aims to recruit members, enhance minds

Sloan McKeehan February 3, 2022
Chess is a game of skill, strategy, patience, and persistence. It’s competitive and complex; it’s a game of escaping with nothing but you and your chess pieces. One wrong move could give your opponent the game. A moment of distraction could be the loss of your army. Math teacher Alan Ponce is the leader of the chess club. This will be Ponce’s 7th year running the club. He constantly strives to get kids involved and socialize with their peers through the game of chess. 

Newer not always better: Classic cinema captivates audiences, creates nostalgia

Sloan McKeehan December 6, 2021
Sometimes the best thing to do on the weekend is binge classic movies. Some of my favorites have one thing in common - John Travolta. Grease, Hairspray, and Urban Cowboys all showcase Travolta’s range of acting skills through superb storytelling. Travolta is loved world-wide, whether it's for his more serious action-filled roles or for his goofy ones. 

Glitz & glam: Pageant competitions prepare participants for real world

Sloan McKeehan October 22, 2021
Thousands of eyes focus on individuals as they are blinded by the bright lights overhead. Staying poised under pressure is a requirement of any pageant contestant and senior Addison Seay has grown accustomed to being at ease having a stage presence. In September, Addison participated in the Miss Teen Texas pageant where she competed against 75 other girls.

Lack luster stores leave mall shoppers livid

Sloan McKeehan September 22, 2021
People of Bryan/College Station, let's face it our mall sucks. We're all thinking it, we all know it. The mall has been regressing for a while now. All the stores we once loved have fled the mall and their replacements are junky off-brand stores no one has ever heard of. 
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