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Thrills, chills, and shrills: Fear provides weird twist on entertainment

Yvette Ybarra May 20, 2013
The blood, the screams, and the killings are all aspects of scary movies that churn our stomachs and shake us to our core. Scary movies have long been part of popular culture and they have drawn in people with their horror-based storylines. While not everyone enjoys this kind of entertainment, there are some people that think the more realistic, the better. Movies with vivid pictures of chopped up bodies or realistic storylines help create an atmosphere of fear. It allows people to experience the thrill of danger without actually being in it. But why do people want this? Shouldn’t things that make people cringe be pushed away, especially if these things are plausible in the real world?

I wish I knew then…

Yvette Ybarra February 28, 2013
You hear your named called and get that butterfly feeling in your stomach as you walk up the steps and across the stage to receive your diploma. All of a sudden, you are headed towards your next step in life and you realize that the plans you made for yourself are ready for you to take. The question then becomes if you are ready to take them.

Turtles are not fun to eat

Yvette Ybarra February 25, 2013
Every team has their members and their colors but the most important part of any team is their mascot. The mascot is in the background cheering from the sidelines to raise their team’s spirit. While Bryan High has Thor the Viking, the Norseman staff has their own mascot - one that has been around since I joined the Norseman Staff my sophomore year.

Teacher has Wright stuff, dedication

Yvette Ybarra January 17, 2013

Students believe that everything is a crisis, like when they can’t go out Friday, when they are grounded for a week, or even when they have a test. If only life was that hard. Unfortunately, there...

Tragedy ever after: Traditional fairy tales twisted, modernized to capture audience

Yvette Ybarra January 11, 2013
Once upon a time Snow White found her prince charming and she lived happily ever after... Except for when their wedding day was interrupted by Snow’s stepmother, the evil queen and she threatens to curse the entire land so that she’s the only one with the happy ending.

Got pep? Be respectful even when not participating

Yvette Ybarra October 26, 2012
In the gym,the football team runs through the gym doors to their chairs. Cheerleaders, Shy-Annes and Color Guard members show off their routines while the other students in the stands are cheering and shouting, showing their school spirit. Well maybe not everyone.

Boys will be boys, but girls get to choose

Yvette Ybarra May 1, 2012
Ladies, take a look at the man in your life. What do you see? When I look at my boyfriend, I see an “adorkable” guy that only has my best interests at heart. He cares for me and only wants me to be happy.

Student builds relationship while rebuilding car

Yvette Ybarra April 2, 2012
Anyone can go to a mechanic to get a problem with their car fixed, but how many people can say they have re-built a car on their own? Senior Justice Martinez, with the help of her father, has rebuilt an old El Camino to running condition.

Student shows off musical abilities

Yvette Ybarra February 17, 2012
Ever heard of a one-man band? Senior Jonathan Davilla is that person, as he plays several different instruments, including the violin, cello, piano, and guitar.

Potter spellbinds Cullen’s bite

Yvette Ybarra February 7, 2012
The Twilight Saga has become one of the most well-known phenomenons among pre-teens since it’s big-screen premiere on November 21, 2008. Since then, it’s been difficult to go a day without hearing the names Edward Cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob Black. Yet, these people are insane to believe that Twilight is on the same level as one of the greatest book/movie adaptions of all time - Harry Potter.

Like Clockwork: Office personnel

Yvette Ybarra December 2, 2011
Many students have proudly walked these halls as Vikings, but upon graduation, most of them move away from high school, leaving their teen years as memories to merely reminisce over. Some, however, get the opportunity to experience the other side of high school and continue to be a daily part of the Viking family.

Music de’notes’ odd ensemble

Yvette Ybarra November 19, 2011
Our generation cannot live without music. Any place you find teens, you’ll also find iPods in their hands and headphones in their ears. One thing you see often, though, is that music often creates groups that people feel they need to fit into, based on the wide variety of genres people enjoy.
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