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Fathers lead through faith, family, focus in new Christian movie

The moral of the story is to always listen to my older sister’s movie suggestions.

I was not super interested in the idea of a Christian movie about fathers. I may be a faithful Christian, but Christian movies often are not as entertaining as more secular and/or fantasy movies. But since my sister wanted to watch this Courageous movie so badly, I decided I should give it a try.

I am so glad that I did.

Courageous is the story of five men trying to be good fathers. Four of them are police officers and must balance the things they see and do on the job with the lives they want to lead at home, and the fifth man is a new friend who offers a new perspective. As all five men face the tragedies and challenges of life, they must decide each and every day if they will stick to their resolution to be the godly fathers they want to be.

I LOVE this movie! Though I was expecting to be bored, the thoughts and feelings of the main characters quickly captured me and made me care about their struggles and choices. The characters truly made the movie.

Adam Mitchell is the main character. At the beginning of the movie, he wants to be a good father but does not follow through. He does not prioritize spending time with his children.

He is the character who leads the other men in resolving to become better fathers. After a family tragedy, he searches the scriptures to discover what godly fatherhood entails. His sincere desire to become better is inspiring and affects those around him, including his peers, his friends, and, most importantly, his family. 

Nathan Hayes grew up in a fatherless home. As a result, he thinks he is doing enough just by being in his home. With Adam’s help, he realizes that being a true father takes more than that; it takes active commitment and involvement in his children’s lives. 

Shane Fuller faces the same problems as the other men. He decides to be a better father with them, but *SPOILER* he does not live up to his resolution. 

His failure is tragic; however, it shows a crucial aspect of trying to be a good father. Not all men will be able to live up to this high calling. Some might resolve to be better but ultimately fall to temptation and weakness. This is a feel-good movie, but it is still realistic; not everyone will be able to reach the high standard of a truly godly father.

David Thomson is a young rookie police officer. *SPOILER* He had a child with a cheerleader in college but abandoned her, leaving her to raise the child alone. Of all the men in the movie, he probably starts out as the worst father as he is not even in his daughter’s life.

Though he does not start out well, he shows the possibility of significant character development through hard work, dedication, and faith. He works to regain the mother’s trust so he can be involved in his daughter’s life. 

Javier Martinez is the one man who is not a police officer. He is a man trying to support his family. His friendship with the four police officers is influential to both sides, and he also accepts the resolution to become a better father. 

One thing I love about this movie is its title, Courageous. Being a good father DOES take courage. It’s not just passively living at home and earning money to support the family. It takes active commitment to building relationships with each child and helping them become good, moral, and successful people. 

Another great thing about this movie is the humor. In this movie, as in life, there are plenty of tears, but there is also laughter. The scene where Javier discusses his involvement in the “Snake Kings” gang was one of the best parts of the movie; it made me laugh so hard!

I love that this movie is incredibly inspiring. It shows examples of people choosing to lead faith-filled, God-fearing lives. It makes me want to do my part to strengthen myself and my family, now and in the future. 

The best part is probably the speech at the end. It makes me cry EVERY time. It shows that, first and foremost, fathers are responsible for presiding over, providing for, and protecting their homes and children, both physically and spiritually. It is the responsibility of fathers to do these things, and fathers must take it upon themselves to live up to these standards. 

Another great thing about this movie is that it covers the theme of fatherhood from all angles. It discusses the distant dad, the “dad” who abandoned the mother, the “good enough” dad, and the absent dad. It also shows the different ways a resolution to be better can impact men; some will be able to achieve great things, but some will fail when they stop trying.

I am a girl, so I will never be a father or truly understand what fatherhood entails, but watching this movie shows me the type of man I want to marry; the man I want to lead my future home and help me raise my future children.

This movie is a must-watch for all men and boys to see the kind of father they should be. It is a must-watch for all women and girls to see the type of man they should aspire to marry. Courageous is an inspiring, entertaining movie that everyone needs to watch right now.

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