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Seniors create asphalt masterpieces to showcase personality, creativity, aspirations

Abby Mendez November 2, 2017

For the past three years, seniors have spent the last days of summer vacation painting their parking spots. Senior parking spots have become a tradition, and the parking spots reflect the passions and...

Forty minutes to win it: Junior wins at 4-H national food competition

Lucy Raleigh November 1, 2017

One basket, a few ingredients, 40 minutes on the clock. With all of these things, a team of three to five members must create a dish, a cost analysis, a list of its nutritional value, and present the final...

Rugged race: Student pushes limits mentally, physically during cycling race

Reagan Brown November 17, 2016

For thirty days she was isolated from the outside world, only able to see long dirt roads and forgotten trails through the Continental Divide. The race stretched on for 2,768.4 miles as she faced dehydration,...

College Board recognizes students as Commended National Merit Scholars

Jennyfer Tucker October 19, 2016

Juniors stumble out of bed early in the morning making sure they’re prepared for the hours of bubbling a scantron ahead of them. In their heads, they constantly chant “don’t forget your calculator,”...

Genetics of band: Marching to the echo of legacy, excellence

Kaywin McCall October 18, 2016

“Now introducing the Pride of Bryan, the Bryan Viking Band!” The announcer's voice booms as the band takes the field and performs their showcase for 7 minutes. Those 7 minutes on Friday nights represent...

Running man: Senior cross country captain leads team to finish line

Reagan Brown October 15, 2016

Practice starts before the sun rises. Most students are still in bed while the cross country team laces up their shoes and hit the road running. Senior Nathaniel Steels serves as captain on the cross country...

Land down under: Students experience different cultures, gain unique experiences

Mackenzie Johnson October 14, 2016

Lights, sounds, colors engulf the busy streets of the city. Open spaces, green grass, majestic views creating a calming effect in the country. Initially these images seem in contrast, but four BHS students...

First and goal: Football team finds leadership in senior quarterback

Hannah Broussard October 12, 2016

Fall in Texas brings about slightly cooler weather, holidays, and football. Backyards are full of kids learning how to throw a spiral while their friends speed downfield, avoiding random pieces of playground...

Senior helps lead volleyball team toward undefeated season

Megan Krenek October 12, 2016

As the volleyball team begins the second half of district play, they are undefeated having only lost one set to College Station and sweeping the rest, senior Emily Hubacek serves as a leader on the team....

Community bonds through tragedy: Students, faculty return to homes following tornado clean-up

Payton McKeehan September 20, 2016

Principal Lane Buban's Home Roofers work to cover principal Lane Buban's home in tarps to prevent more rain damage. Aerial shot of Buban's home with a majority of the roof covered in tarps. ...

Testing the water: Cook competes at Olympic Trials

Madison Little September 15, 2016

As the swimmers walk out and take the plunge into the pool the crowd goes silent. Each swimmer positions themselves as the officials calls for them to take their mark. A single beep sounds and cheers...

Just like you like it: Senior’s parking spot, love of Whataburger gains attention on social media

Danica Mendes September 8, 2016

Texans take pride in their state symbols: the armadillo, the yellow rose, the state flag, bluebonnets, Blue Bell, Dr. Pepper, and of course Whataburger. In a town where orange and white paint usually...

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