Looking back on my four years

Is it really almost the end of my senior year? What a crazy roller coaster of a ride these past four years have been. From the trials, errors, disappointments, tears, and triumphs that I have experienced, I am walking away from high school knowing so much more than when I walked in, and not just academically. I’ve learned a lot of lessons – some the hard way. There are definitely things I wish I would have known before I entered high school. This being my last article, I am dedicating it to incoming and current freshmen so they can learn the things I didn’t know.

Living a stapler’s life

I haven’t always been angry at the world. Well, maybe not the whole world; just Mandy specifically. This all started a year ago when that stuck-up device arrived. I used to be the first-rate staple, the Caesar to the classroom’s Rome. But alas, we can’t all be automatic staplers with the newest technology and all the bells and whistles.

False reality: Don’t let sentiment cloud judgement

The blow to the face, the ringing in your ear, the sting on your cheek, the drowning feeling of indescribable sadness and forced guilt. Emptiness surrounds you, however it has to be your fault. You really must have been flirting with another guy this time, you weren’t just being nice. You begin to question your every move. Was I really staring at him? Were those text messages to my guy friend as innocent as I thought they were? I must have done something to deserve this. After all, he loves me.

Dedication, determination, and delight: Teacher gives all for students, finds reward in education

For the past 27 years, AP English IV and IB English teacher Lisa Prejean has gotten to fulfill a passion for teaching. As Prejean has developed her teaching style, she noted how the higher-level programs, such as Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB), pay off for high school students.

Feelin’ chicken: Tenders may vary, but always tasty

Chicken tenders here, chicken tenders there, chicken tenders are everywhere. Lately, chicken tenders have become increasingly popular in various fast food and sit down restaurants.

Teenage mom overcomes obstacles during high school

A mother: a woman who loves unconditionally, putting her child’s needs before her own. In high school, most girls don’t understand that kind of love or selfishness.

Short-lived stage: High school should be stepping stone in life, not claim to fame

If one thing is certain, it’s that there needs to be a instruction manual for incoming high-school freshman – how to do this, when to do that, what’s important and what’s not going to matter in ten years – because we all know that it would save everyone a whole lot of time and effort. Unfortunately though, there isn’t. Kids are left to learn manual-worthy lessons on their own; some lessons are learned by experience, some by association, and some simply by observance.

Over the course of four years, high school can fill that theoretical manual pretty full, but perhaps the most important lesson one could learn from that manual may not be realized until late in the high-school career, or even afterward: to not let high school be the center of the universe.

Spiderman, Spiderman, makes the best movies he possibly can

As a kid, all I used to sing was, “Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a Spiderman can.”I still sing it today. I’ve been a Spiderman fan since I was a kid, and my mom has tons of pictures of me dressed up in Spiderman costumes. Consequently I was very excited for the new movie, The Amazing Spiderman 2, the sequel to the 2012 film, The Amazing Spiderman.

My journalism experience: lessons learned, memories made, friendships formed in room 6160

High school, day one: lost, shy, and scared. My first class on that day was Journalism – Newspaper with Rebecca Dominy in room 6160. A series of questions ran through my head as 8:25 a.m. came closer and closer by the minute: where is room 6160? I knew the class would be filled with upperclassmen – what if they think I’m weird?

Orange goes with everything: Netflix original explores prison life for women

While most of us know Netflix for it’s endless supply of movies, the on-demand media provider is now adding successful television series provider to its resume with the release of hit T.V. show Orange is the New Black. Loosely based off the novel of the same name, the show chronicles the conviction of Piper Chapman, […]

Dual Functionality: Senior uses soccer as a learning experience, outlet for enjoyment

While some students pursue big dreams as sports superstars, others are content with simply playing a sport they enjoy. For senior Ben Gonzales, soccer has been a fun physical outlet as he juggles school, work, friends, and family. “I love being able to go out there and just play the game,” Ben said. “It’s a […]

Do it for the Vine: App urges character, creativity, collaboration

Two hours of consecutive six second videos. How tedious does that sound? You begin to ask yourself, this can’t be me? It was just 11 o’clock, how is it already two in the morning? No way have I been staring at a screen for hours at a time. In this day and age however, technology has the power to do exactly that, and I too have fallen victim.

BHS trainers earn national recognition, second award for BISD

Safety is essential when it comes to sports whether it be the Super Bowl or just a couple of friends tossing a ball around. This year, Bryan High exemplified that notion by receiving the Safe School Award from the National Athletic Trainers Association.

Teens more stressed than ever: Easy solutions to keeping strain under control

Teenagers, like adults, get stressed every now and then. But just how stressed is our generation?

Showcasing skills: Senior follows passion, secures spot on Texas A&M softball team

Athletic expertise, academic ability, creativity, and the passion that backs each of these qualities are all things which define a person, molding them into who they are or who they eventually will be. This is especially true for senior Erica Russell, whose athletic passion has turned a life-long dream into a reality on the softball field.

Finding true meaning of friendship through everlasting relationship

‘Friend.’ A common concept that people recognize all around the world. A word that can be sincere, or just routinely spoken, a word that can hold meaning, or be completely hollow inside, a word that I had placed on so many people without truly knowing what it stood for, but now all that it stands for couldn’t be any clearer. The person who holds this prestigious title not only has the word ‘friend’ by her name, but ‘best’ in front of it.

Leave it all out on wrestling mat: Junior looks forward to competing one last year

Sports generally involve a team effort, and while wrestling is more focused on the individual, junior Jackson Ross still appreciates the bond between him and his fellow wrestling teammates.

Prom: outrageous expenses are not inevitable

It’s that time of year again – the excitement of prom is in the air, and the majority of junior and senior girls are beginning their search for the perfect dress. After a suitable dress is found, then comes the hair dying, spray tanning, and nail painting, all in preparation for the big day. While all of this can be exciting, the cost of prom has a tendency to take away some of the fun of the event. However, this does not have to be the case.

Artwork demonstrate talent, prosperity in showcase

Many students are involved in art programs across the district, ranging from elementary school art classes to IB art here on campus, and find that these courses amplify their talents. As the school year moved forward, the art students were able to showcase their works in Artfest, an annual event held in the Silver Cafeteria.

Color guard, percussion compete in indoor competition season

Aside from performing on the football field, the percussion and the color guard compete in two indoor competitions hosted by the Texas Color Guard Circuit: the Winter Guard International (WGI) and the Texas Color Guard Championships (TCGC) during the spring semester.

HOSA student advances to nationals

Six Hammond-Oliver Health Sciences Academy Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) members were among the more than 3000 students from throughout Texas who participated in the HOSA State Leadership Conference in San Antonio March 27-29. Fatima Scott – Researched Persuasive Speaking (top 20) Mollie VanBoskirk – Pharmacology (3rd place) Holly Smith & Matt Miller – […]

UIL Academic team places at district meet

UIL Academic students competed at the district meet at A&M Consolidated on Saturday. Douglas Edge placed 5th in Current Issues & Events Rhonda Burnett placed 4th in Poetry Emily Nash placed 6th in News Writing Jesse Baxter placed 6th in Editorial Writing Alanis King placed 5th in Headline Writing and 3rd in News Writing King […]

Cosmetology students earn honors at SkillsUSA State Competition

Cosmetology students competed at the SkillsUSA State Competition in Corpus Christi earning high honors. Innovative Project Salon: “BEST OF SHOW” Danelle Gonzales- Sr. Project Job Exhibits: Nail Art: “SUPERIOR” Amber Juarez- Sr. F antasy: Srs. Nely Tirado, “SUPERIOR” Tia Jah Travis,”EXCELLENCE” Tiffany Mitchell, “EXCELLENCE” Kaitlynn Gonzales, “EXCELLENCE ” Marisol Vasquez “EXCELLENCE” Day or Evening Comb-Out: […]

UIL One Act Play members earn honors

Bryan High’s UIL One Act Play performance of “The Crucible” earned several awards at the district competition at Conroe High School.\ Beth Akin – Outstanding Technician. Rhonda Burnette – All Star Cast. Cain Miller – Honorable Mention All Star Cast. Elizabeth Garcia – Honorable Mention All Star Cast. Aaron Sowell – Honorable Mention All Star […]

Color guard claims state title

The color guard won their division at the Texas Color Guard Circuit finals at Reed Arena. Teams from across the state competed throughout the weekend, with the Vikings besting their competition. The group is led by Marie DeBellis, who received the Randy Julia Service Award during the competition. The Varsity group included: Seniors Jessie Trejo […]

FFA members participate at Livestock Show

FFA members showed projects last week at the Brazos County Youth Livestock Show and placed as follows: Heifers Payton Thomsen (1st and 2nd in her class with Angus heifers) Bentley Zamenek (1st in class with her Angus heifer and reserve champion for intermediate showmanship) Pigs Cordel Medina (6th in class, one away from making sale) […]

Track star shows determination and leadership

There are some things in life that some people are just born to do, and for someone who has an abundance of energy and loves to compete, track is a suitable sport. Senior Alondriah Brown has been running since childhood, and she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Food from heaven; finding best burger in town

Burgers: about the most American a food can get. Something so easy to make and yet when prepared correctly can become the best thing you have ever eaten. I was on a mission to find the best burger in the Bryan/College Station area, and I am glad to report that I have found a winner.

Olympics heightens pride, builds ambition

When the Olympics come around, a majority of viewers only watch the events they care about and enjoy watching. For some, they watch a sport that they used to play or an intense game that gets their adrenaline pumping just by watching it. For others, they watch to feel in the loop while around the water cooler or at the lunch table. No matter what our reasons are for watching the Olympics, the Games always seem to bring about a heightened sense of nationalism, an interest in new sports, and a newly acquired passion for athletics.

“Let it go, let it go…” stop that racket!

Frozen, the recent hit movie released by Disney, enthralled millions with its tale of two sisters, betrayal, and ice magic. Overall, I think Frozen is a decent movie with a few flaws, however, the public’s reaction to it is unreasonable. To me it seems that many love the movie to a point of reverence exemplified by how Frozen remained in theaters for months, while the typical movie stays in theaters six to eight weeks.

Save those dimes, it’s college time

A college acceptance means a lot of things for a student; it marks the time for filling the closet with school colors, buying dorm essentials, setting up a credit card, planning out a course schedule, looking into all the interesting intramural sports and student organizations offered on campus – the list is endless. However, though it can be lost in the midst of excitement, a college acceptance also means an extraordinary monetary commitment.

Production brings unity among cast, displays aspects of fine arts

Every day, students come to school and are given piles of assignments to complete that night. After putting on The Sound of Music earlier this month, many students have found that participating in the musical has given them a way to be expressive and build unity between those involved.

UIL district realigns with local schools in 18-5A

UIL realigns districts every two years as they reassess school population changes. To ensure a more equal field of play in athletics, fine arts, and academic competition, the most recent change means that all four public high schools in Bryan and College Station will compete in district 18-5A next year, along with Conroe Caney Creek, Huntsville, Livingston, and Willis.

Criminal justice students place in TPSA competition

On Feb. 21-22, 3 criminal justice students competed in the 2014 TPSA (Texas Public Service Association) Regional competition at Cooperas Cove High School. The team competed with 9 other high schools and a total of 173 students. 4th place- Building Search- Jordan Mendoza, Austine Santos, & Alejandra Vanegas 5th place- Traffic Stop- Jordan Mendoza. 6th […]

Announcements: Winter sports banquet, Dual Credit, Jostens graduation deliveries

•A Dual Credit Parent Informational meeting for 10th and 11th grade parents/students is scheduled for March 19 at 11am in room 1200 of the Silver Campus. •The winter sports banquet is scheduled for March 24 at 6pm in the Silver Cafeteria. •Jostens will be making graduation deliveries on March 27 & 28 during all lunches.

12 cosmetology students qualify for state competition

Cosmetology students participated in the District 7 SkillsUSA Competition. Twelve students will move on to State Competition in Corpus Christi, Texas. Hands-on: Nail Care out of 10 2nd Place Joanna Carreno 4th Place Amber Juarez Hands-on: Esthetics out of 38 2nd place Cassy Rangel All students listed below received SUPERIOR and Projects advance to State […]

Seniors theatrical marketing design to be on display at state

The Advanced Technical Theatre class competed in the UIL Theatrical Design Contest for the first time this year. The contest consisted of four parts: Theatre Marketing, Costume Design, Set Design, and Makeup Design. Although the group entry did not advance to State, senior Cain Miller’s Theatrical Marketing Design received an Honorable Mention and will be […]

Color guard earns 1st place honors

The JV and Varsity Color Guard competed in the Winter Guard International Austin Regional at Lehman HS. Due to qualifying requirements for the State Championships, the JV had to compete against all Varsity level teams. The Varsity team won their preliminary round of competition, and were the highest scoring group for prelims out of 30 […]

UIL academic team successful at Consol invitational

The UIL Academic team competed in the A&M Consolidated High School Invitational Sat. Feb. 22. The following students earned awards: Journalism News Writing Emily Nash – 3rd place Alanis King – 4th place Feature Writing Alanis King – 1st place Andrea Mendes – 2nd place Emily Nash – 4th place Editorial Writing Jesse Baxter – […]

Cutting, purging, binging, substance abuse: Teens struggle, look for help to deal with depression, pressures of school, life, relationships

“Friends, family, and God with help them carry the burden of what they are going through. There’s never a lost cause. There’s never a time when a person’s life isn’t worth fighting for.”

JV track team finishes 1st, freshmen finish 2nd

The freshmen and JV boys track team competed in the Magnolia West meet this week.The JV team finished 1st overall and the freshmen finished 2nd. FRESHMEN : 100 m Dash 3rd – Isaiah Alfred 200 m Dash 3rd – Isaiah Alfred 400 m Dash 5th – Mark Taplette 6th – Julio Diaz 1600 m Run […]

Choir students qualify for state

Choir students competed in the 2014 UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest on Feb. 20. 96 students competed 64 received a division one rating (the highest mark) 36 qualified for State Solo & Ensemble Contest in May 24 of the State qualifiers are (Junior, Sophomores, and Freshman) The following students qualified for state: Albright, Dillon (10) […]

Parent orientation night set for March 27

Orientation Night for the Parents of current 8th Graders will be held on March 27 from 6:00-7:00 p.m. at Bryan High School in the Blue Auditorium Parents are asked to park near the tennis court area off of Barak. Campus advisers will discuss how HB 5 will effect the Class of 2018 and their graduation […]

Computer science will count for foreign language credit

House Bill 5, a state law recently passed by the state Board of Education, is changing computer-science classes by making them count as foreign language credits beginning with the incoming ninth grade class. Despite the bill passing, the details have yet to be finalized by the board, but will be available soon.

FCCLA students qualify for state meet

Six members of Family, Community, and Career Leaders of America (FCCLA) traveled to Galveston for competition Feb. 14 and 15. Four students qualify for the state competition to be held in Corpus Christi on April 9-12. Virginia Murphy – 2nd Place Fashion Construction Brianna Sauseda – 4th Place Fashion Construction Keandra Garrison – 5th Place […]

Florida vs. Texas: Surprised by the differences, similarities

Being born and raised in Florida, from Miami to Tampa, I was comfortable in my surroundings and I didn’t want to move. I was very hesitant, about moving halfway across the country, but I would never have guessed how great Texas would be, despite many things are different. Though I’ve only been here for a month and haven’t experienced everything just yet, but it seems to be going well.

Softball team opens season with win

The Lady Viking softball team opened their season with a win over Palestine HS 18-0. Senior Rebecca Peirce struck out 10 to record the W. They will begin hosting a 64 team tournament today and are scheduled to play Denton HS at 3:00.

Schools off-beat, not preparing students for real life

“Life’s a dance you learn as you go… don’t worry ‘bout what you don’t know. Life’s a dance you learn as you go.” This country tune by John Michael Montgomery tells us not to worry about the unknown, but most of us can’t say that we haven’t. All of us worry to an extent, and with good reason. For me, senior year is here, and my worries focus around my future. While I’m excited, I’m also concerned.

Shy-Annes earn awards at A&M Dance Classic

The Shy-Annes competed in the A&M Dance Classic competition last weekend. The following students earned awards at the competition: Solo Awards: 3rd runner up tie: Baylea Johnson and Madalyn Salcido 5th runner up: Kinsey Craig Duet best in class: 2nd runner up: Shy-Anne Dance Officers 1st runner up: Shy-Anne Dance Officers Small ensembles best in […]

Swimmer advances to state meet

Harrison Jones will compete in the State Swim Meet on Feb. 21-22 after placing 1st in the 100 fly at region with a time of 49.25. He also stands earn a wild card spot in the 200 IM after placing 2nd in 200 IM with a time of 1:53.40. Other Region Results: Britanny Thurstin placed […]

Orchestra student advances to state competition, others place high at competition

The Orchestra competed in the UIL Orchestra Solo and Ensemble Contest at Consol High School on Feb. 8. Twenty Orchestra students participated and ten students received 1 ranking. Stephanie Quinonez, Violin, Class 1, Rank One, Advancing to State Cathrine Anding, Bass, Class 1, Rank one Laura Moreno, Violin, Class 2, Rank one Abbigail Whisenant, Viola, […]

BV Symphony Orchestra Competition Winnder

Junior Thomas Gusewelle won the BVSO Youth Concerto Competition. Thomas has been selected for the All Region Band three times and the All Area Band twice. He has been a member of the Wind Symphony for the past three years and is assistant drum major of the Viking Band. Thomas played “Morceau Symphonic” by Alexandre […]

Cheerleaders finish 2nd at National Competition

The Viking Cheerleaders took 2nd place this weekend at the National Competition. The girls were only. 06 points away from first place.

Virtually inseparable: Embracing a new age of friendship

This past October, I met my best friend.

Yes, you read that correctly – read it several more times if you must. No, we did not become best friends after we met, we were best friends already. How, you ask? Technology is a wonderful thing. It has the power to connect two very similar people – so alike that it’s scary, actually – who are separated by 1,337 miles and would never know each other otherwise. Call it weird, question why I can’t make a best friend in my own city (let alone my own state), offer to sign us up for the TV show Catfish – I’ve heard it all before.

Fine arts department presents ‘The Sound of Music’

Feb. 7-10: Bryan Fine Arts Presents ‘The Sound of Music’ Classic musical by Rodgers & Hammerstein showcased by leading talent Stellar singing and acting are highlighted under the bright lights of the Bryan Civic Auditorium Feb. 7, 8, and 10 as the Bryan High Fine Arts Department presents “The Sound of Music.” Leading talent in […]

Graduate: it won’t be the same without ‘u’

Most of us have been judged by someone, whether it was based on what we wore, what style of hair we rocked, who we dated, the people we hung out with, etc. The list is never ending. Well, one thing some may or may not have checked off their list, is being judged based on their education.

Decade of tragedy and romance keeps audience guessing

The “ideal” heat of a kiss is fueled by two things: passion and environment. Usually, the environment of an on-call room in a hospital and the passion of a surgeon don’t fit the average person’s “ideal” kiss. For characters Meredith Grey and Derick Sheperd on the hit show Grey’s Anatomy, this was more than the perfect environment and the passion you may ask? Entirely effortless.

Color Guard, Indoor Percussion earn top honors

The JV and Varsity Color Guards competed at the Texas Color Guard Circuit’ Cypress Lakes High School Competition on Saturday. Both groups earned 1st place in their classifications. The Indoor Percussion group also competed and earned 1st place.

Wrestler advances to state meet

On Friday Jan 31 and Feb 1, the Viking wrestlers competed at the Region 4 IV wrestling tournament in San Antonio. Senior Rhonda Johnson advanced to the State Tournament in Garland on Feb 13- 15 in the 110 lb. weight class.

Volume 43 Number 1

Published in October 2013. by the Bryan High School Norseman in Bryan, Texas. To zoom in or magnify, please use the toolbar at the bottom of the viewing window. Volume 43 Number 1

Volume 43 Number 2

Published in December 2013 by the Bryan High School Norseman in Bryan, Texas. To zoom in or magnify, please use the toolbar at the bottom of the viewing window. Volume 43 Number 2

Volume 43 Number 3

Published in February 2014. by the Bryan High School Norseman in Bryan, Texas. To zoom in or magnify, please use the toolbar at the bottom of the viewing window. Volume 43 Number 3

Volume 43 Number 4

Published in May 2014 by the Bryan High School Norseman in Bryan, Texas. To zoom in or magnify, please use the toolbar at the bottom of the viewing window. Volume 43 Number 4

Viking swimmers advance to region

Bryan took 14 swimmers to the district swim meet and 10 are advancing to regionals. Swimmers advancing include: *Boys 200 Medley Relay (Austin Ayers, Marco Gutierriez, Harrison Jones, and Matthew Belobraydic) *Boys 200 Free Relay (Matthew Belobraydic, Marco Gutierriez, Mathhew Hutchinson, and Harrison Jones) *Girls Medley Relay (Catherine Anding, Alanis King, Brittany Thurstin, and Sarah […]

Viking wrestlers advance to region

The boys wrestling team finished in 2nd place as a team behind Killeen-Ellison and the girls finished 4th with only 3 wrestlers entered. The team qualified 13 wrestlers to compete at the Region 4 tournament in San Antonio. Below are the wrestlers that qualified for Regionals and how they placed at the district meet. Wrestler […]

AcaDec team earns awards at regional competition

The AcaDec team participated in the Academic Decathlon Regional Competition hosted at Magnolia High School. The team competed against 28 other Region 6 schools and earned 5th place overall. Honors Category: Molly Stevenson – 1st place Honors student Tatum Littleton – 2nd place Honors student Nicholas Cargo – 3rd place Honors student Scholastic Category: Ashley […]

Desolation of Tolkien: Second Hobbit Movie distorts story

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is the second installment in the Hobbit movie trilogy which premiered on December 13, 2013. After being disappointed by the first movie nearly a year ago, I had low hopes for the sequel. Sadly my expectations proved to be mostly true.

Culture infantilized by lack of expectations

The grocery store: something people used to get dressed up for, or at least look presentable for is now littered with people that look like they just rolled out of bed.

From classroom to ballroom teacher showcases moves

After balancing the things she loves – her job, her family, and other priorities – for 36 years, economics teacher Laura Wagner decided that it was time to do something for her own pleasure. That being said, Wagner never thought she would be putting the “fox” in foxtrot.

Senior benefits from busy schedule, extracurricular activities

While focusing on one or two particular extracurricular activities while in high school is sufficient for many students, for senior Zoey Clark, one or two are not enough. Aside from being involved in NHS and the treasurer of Key Club, Zoey is a member of the Viking band and plays on the varsity soccer team.

Act on ambitions: Taking opportunities despite doubts pays off

During last year’s running of the Snowball Derby – the most prestigious Super Late Model race in the country – I was simply a spectator. That’s more than most people can say, however, as the race isn’t televised and is therefore only truly accessible to those who make the trip to Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida to watch it. But this time around, in the 46th-annual running of the race, I was introduced to a whole new side of the event, and of racing itself: I returned to Five Flags Speedway with a media credential and a crew that had bounds more experience with doing at-track race coverage than I.

Exchange student fulfills dream, enjoys American experience

“When I was about 10, the only thing I could think about was living my own ‘High School Musical’ experience.”

Junior Clara Garcia Castineira is finally getting to live this dream. Clara, an exchange student from Galicia, Spain, says that this journey is something that her and many other students in Spain get to experience.

Cheerleader tryouts scheduled for February

There will be a mandatory informational meeting for all students interested in trying out for the 2014-2015 cheerleading squad on Tuesday, Feb. 11 at 6:00 in the Silver Cafeteria. REQUIRED: Must bring a parent or guardian Must bring your most recent report card Must bring a current physical Tryout Clinic/Practice Dates: Feb 24-27 Time: 4:30-6:30 […]

Viking wrestlers take second at tournament

The boys and girls wrestling teams both finished second at the College Station HS tournament. The boys came up just 4 points short of first place earning 135 points, while Summer Creek HS earned 139. The girls were also close behind Summer creek and finished second by just 2.5 points. Division winners included Cody Murph […]

The more you know: Sex education leads to prevention, not promiscuity

The issue over whether to teach sex education in schools remains a hot debate topic. In many cases, parents wish to solely be responsible for educating their children on sex and sex-related topics. On the other hand many teachers, administrators, and parents feel that education is the only means of decreasing teen pregnancy.

Students place at local academic UIL invitational

Students competed against area schools at an academic UIL invitational held at A&M Consolidated High School on Saturday, Jan. 11. The following students placed in their events: Dillon Richards – 2nd place – Computer Applications Andy Ramirez – 2nd place – Current Issues & Events Sheerah Williams – 3rd place – Literary Criticism Caleb Hauschild […]

Students earn All-State Choir honors

On Saturday, January 11, seniors Lindsey Morehead and James Mosqueda earned positions in the 2014 Texas All-State Mixed Choir. Lindsey placed 4th chair in the Soprano 1 section. James placed 2nd chair in the Bass 2 section. These students will represent Bryan High School at the Texas Music Educators (TMEA) State Convention February 12-16 in […]

Student named finalist for Brazos Valley Symphnony Orchestra

Junior Thomas Gusewelle has been selected one of three finalists in the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra’s Youth Concerto Competition. The finalists will perform their selection before a panel of three judges and an audience at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014, at Peace Lutheran Church, 2201 Rio Grande Boulevard, College Station. The public is […]

Viking band students earn top honors

Viking band students participated in the region 8 band contest in December. The following students earned top honors Wind Ensemble- Rachel Whitmer, Flute (4th chair overall) Addie Henry, Clarinet (4th chair overall) Kimberly Bosquez, Alto Clarinet (1st chair overall) James Mosqueda, Trumpet (2nd chair overall) Samuel Chagoya, Trombone (4th chair overall) Thomas Gusewelle, Euphonium (1st […]

Viking band Christmas concert set for Thursday

The Viking Band Christmas Concert will be held on Thursday at 7:00 PM at Rudder High School Auditorium. Program: Symphonic Band 2, Directed by Marie DeBellis Holiday Bobsled Run by Robert Sheldon Canon of Peace by Paul Jennings Good King Nutcracker by Michael Story Symphonic Band 1, Directed by Zane Taylor Angels Sing by Bill […]

Senior ad deadline extended

The deadline to order a senior ad in the 2014 yearbook as been extended through the end of this semester. Please click the link below for more information. The picture and message can be sent in next semester, but payment must be received before Christmas to reserve the space. Senior Ad Information

Holiday cheer turns to jeer

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, the popcorn is strung and draped on the tree, and the sweet melodies of Bing Crosby are playing through the house…but it’s July 1 and others are wondering what’s going on.

Second Hunger Games movie catches fire at boxoffice

Few movies out there truly capture my attention the entire time. It’s extremely difficult for me to get pulled into a film, but there is one very special exception.

Doctor Who celebrates 50 years of adventure, fans anticipate upcoming system

50 years. 50 years of heroes, monsters, sinister plots, and of course, the Doctor and his Tardis. 50 years ago, a crazy idea was conceived that has continued and evolved. 50 years of Doctor Who.

Feast of Carols stays true to roots, adds extra flare for 30th anniversary

With the holidays rapidly approaching, organizations are preparing for their annual traditions and festivities. The choir department is gearing up for their 30th year of Feast of Carols, a dinner and Christmas concert all centered around a Renaissance theme which will take place on December 12, 13, and 14.

Hit show casts spell on viewers with third season

Haunted houses, insane asylums, and witches, are common things in American Horror Story. For the past three seasons American Horror Story, it has not been for the fainthearted. Since the start of season one, I was hooked, I enjoy horror movies, and have been avidly watching ever since.

Deck the halls with boughs of discourse

“Fa la la la la, la la la la.”

It’s December 1st and I’m about to fa-la-la-fall off a cliff as a last resort to escape the Christmas music that’s playing in every public place I walk into.

Christmas music strikes spirit during holiday season

With Christmas just around the corner, classic Christmas movies are beginning to pop on television, families are putting colorful lights up around the house, and, best of all, that beloved Christmas music is playing everywhere we go.

Students quack up: Teacher uses wit, background to keep class focused

A riveting sense of humor, impressive demonstrations, and interactive lessons on the laws of physics are what you can expect in an everyday class with physics teacher Robert Richards, but what students don’t expect is Richards’ unique background and interests.

Two wrestlers win divsions at Capitol City Classic

Francisco Vasquez took the 220-pound title at the Capitol City Classic. For the girls, Rhonda Johnson placed third at 119, losing just one match. In Friday’s JV competition, Bryan’s Thomas Riojas and Derrick Green took third and Jian Bergeron placed fourth.

Fall, spring semester exam schedule released

Exam Schedule

Roadhouse seems more like Rudehouse

Americans are creatures of habit, and one habit we stay true to is our pastimes. America has many pastimes, from baseball to block parties and especially eating out. From coast to coast there are restaurants, fast food places, cafes, and buffets galore!

Organization gives students safe haven, support

Every Thursday after school, journalism teacher Rebecca Dominy meets with a group of students in room 6160. They don’t work on the newspaper or edit the yearbook, but instead meet for a weekly devotional. The group, Cord of 3, began last year when several students approached Dominy and expressed an interest in participating in an after-school Bible study.

Drake takes over: Somewhere between psychotic and iconic

After storming the charts with his flawless Take Care album, Drake sat back and made millions, but his success did not stop there. He continued the late nights in the studio, laying down sick beats and rhymes which are prevalent throughout his new album, Nothing was the Same.

Gravity pulls moviegoers to theaters

Ever since childhood, the night sky has fascinated me. I have always found the planets, stars, galaxies, and vastness of outer space to be a mystery. Recently, I saw a preview for Gravity at the movies, and I knew I had to see it. Although it turned out to be a good movie, it was different from what I expected.

Wrestling team wins pair of dual matches on road

The wrestling team beat Clear Brook 42-36 and Langham Creek 48-36 on Wednesday at Langham Creek. Against Clear Brook, Bryan’s Aaron Salinas earned a pin at 113 pounds, while Keaun Davison (170) and Adrial Hernandez (285) also won by pin. Cody Murph (106), Thomas Riojas (132), John Quinonez (160), Rafael Turrubartes (195) and Francisco Vasquez […]

No-sleep November: Student sacrifices free time, rest for annual novel-writing competition

“I think it’s just amazing how you can create something when there was previously nothing, and you can make people feel things that they wouldn’t otherwise feel through written word.” That is the reasoning behind junior Madison Hines’ passion for writing novels, and National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), an annual competition for novelists of all […]

Wrestlers place at Katy-Cinco Ranch Invitational, Tompkins scrimmage

Varsity wrestlers wrestled at the Katy-Cinco Ranch Invitation on Saturday. Rafael Turrubartes (195) took second and teammate Jackson Ross (182) took fourth in their respective weight classes. For the Bryan girls, Rhonda Johnson (119) placed third. Bryan’s JV scrimmaged at nearby Tompkins High School. Bryan will compete in a tri-meet with Langham Creek and Clear […]

Teacher uses real world experience to create healthy learning environment

Hammond-Oliver, a high school for studies on human sciences located on blue campus, holds many opportunities for students, and CNA (certified nurse assistant) and intern teacher Erin Wright believes the school is extremely beneficial.

Tumblr the land of wonder: Users fear changes with Yahoo acquisition

Tumblr, A place of wonder and self expression. This social media site let people express their emotions without having to type a thing in status form. The beauty of it is that most people are wrapped up with Facebook and other social media sites and don’t necessarily enjoy blogging, so you don’t have to worry from judgement from your peers regarding the things on your Tumblr page.