Family harmony strikes chord, musical passion

While band, choir, and orchestra offer students a place to exercise their musical ability, many may be surprised to see the number of students that are involved in music outside of school.

Junior Miguel Rodriguez is one student who is not only involved with music outside of school, but music is also his passion. Rodriguez has had a love for playing and listening to music almost all of his life due to a musical uncle, who, along with the rest of his family, taught him a lot.

“I was four [when I started playing music],” Rodriguez said. “My uncle is the main inspiration for my playing.”

Starting at a young age has given Rodriguez plenty of time to learn and develop his skills with many instruments.

Such an ability is impressive when many people struggle with learning and maintaining the demands that one instrument brings.

“I play guitar, bass, a little bit of drums, saxophone, piano, and I also sing a little bit, but mainly [I play] guitar and bass,” Rodriguez said.

This may seem impressive to many, but Rodriguez has a lot of support from his friends and family, who are also greatly involved with music and have had an influence on his musical career.

“My uncle and everyone on my mom’s side play at least one instrument,” Rodriguez said. “It’s really a family thing”.

Not only does Rodriguez get inspiration from his family, but he listens and learns from many famous guitarists.
“John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Angus Young, Andy McKee, and Steve Vai, [are some of my musical inspirations],” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez likes almost all genres of music, and says this has influenced his performance as a musician.

“The way you can express yourself kind of shocks you. You’re like ‘man, that’s weird’ but it’s in a good way,” Rodriguez said. “Just trying to know how people feel when you’re playing; it’s like you touch them in a way. You get lost in the music”.

Rodriquez enjoys performing in front of an audience and is looking forward to competing in the talent show, which will be held March 26.