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Culinary team tastes victory in Aggieland competition

Arissa Mejia May 16, 2022

John C. Maxwell’s quote “Team work makes the dream work” was brought to life by the culinary team of juniors Scott Tolle, Cainen Palmer, Jaden Twitty, and Kailey Gates when they won first place at...

When right is wrong: Left Twix clear winner in taste test

Arissa Mejia March 8, 2022

Twix, a delectable treat made up of rich chocolate, salty-sweet caramel, and a crunchy cookie that makes it the best chocolate candy of them all. Although the candy is amazing as a whole, once Twix divided...

Ctrl-ing her future: SZA’s debut album holds true four years later

Arissa Mejia November 30, 2021

Ctrl (pronounced ¨control¨) is SZA´s debut album released on June 9, 2017. The album was inspired by SZA´s view of control in her life and how she’s gaining power over it again after a long period...

Reject bland boring chips, embrace ‘Fun’yuns

Arissa Mejia October 6, 2021

Savory, spicy, satisfying crunch, and the perfect amount of saltiness. All these qualities are what make a perfect chip and, fortunately, there’s a chip that meets all of these standards. Funyun’s...

Volleyball team gets back to business after last season’s COVID restrictions

Arissa Mejia September 30, 2021

Last year COVID was a challenge for most of the world. As far as sports and extracurricular activities go, they had to make many adjustments in order to keep everyone safe while still keeping the season...

Weather impacts feelings of depression

Arissa Mejia May 6, 2021

Some people look forward to cloudy and rainy days, they feel they offer fun and excitement, and give them the opportunity to play in the rain, splash around in puddles, or just stay in and watch movies....

Keeping children first: Food, nutrition services ensure students do not go hungry during pandemic

Arissa Mejia May 21, 2020

Serving over 19,000 meals per week when school is not in session is a daunting task that the food and nutrition services department in BISD has handled with love, care, and consideration of all involved...

Music to my ears: Playlists reflect mood, allow for deeper introspection

Arissa Mejia April 14, 2020

There are multiple emotions a person can feel while listening to music and each one connects to an individual emotional experience. Although some people have one playlist where they add all their favorite...

Just for kicks : Senior soccer player enjoys success on field

Arissa Mejia February 20, 2020

The opposing team has the ball, and they're dribbling down the soccer field, getting ready to kick the ball into the net to score. Senior Yanni Vasilakis stands at the center-mid of the field and waits...

Psychological diagnosis: TV show excels at creating intrigue through suspense, human behavior

Arissa Mejia January 31, 2020

Drama. Mystery. Thriller. My top three favorite genres of all time when it comes to entertainment, and combined together into one show, it’s nearly perfect. Criminal Minds captures all three of these...

Students from other countries participate in foreign exchange program to experience new culture

Arissa Mejia November 22, 2019

“Alright, have a good first day of school, don’t be nervous, you’ll have fun.” The passenger door closes, and the driver drives away. The new student clenches the straps of their back pack and...

Sweet dreams: ASMR helps insomniacs find sleep

Arissa Mejia November 1, 2019

Are you trying to sleep at night but you can’t because your parents are in the next room arguing over money, or are you an insomniac like me and you just can’t seem to get tired no matter what you...

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