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Webtoon transitions to live action drama, delighting fans

Addison Perry May 5, 2021

‘True Beauty’, one of the most anticipated and well rounded series that was originally a drawn out Webtoon comic series created by user Yaongyi, or Kim Nayoung, has taken the attention of avid drama...

Marvel has Vision of the future of the MCU

Jaci Siegert May 3, 2021

Spoilers for everything pre WandaVision but no spoilers for the actual show. If you’ve ever picked up an issue of the Norseman, you may have noticed my never ending ensemble of Marvel themed articles....

Quarantine Nostalgia: Childhood series gains new followers on Netflix, renews love in old fans

Abby Mendez September 21, 2020

This is a three part series exploring Avatar: The Last Airbender and related entertainment. I have gotten a lot out of quarantine- both good and bad- but I think the most surprising thing that I have...

Coffee, coffee, coffee: Gilmore Girls hype returns through Netflix binge watching

Megan Krenek November 13, 2019

After a TV show’s finale premiers, the show tends to surge in popularity and then soon be forgotten. Occasionally though, a gem among the other crappy Netflix originals is found which puts viewers in...

Satan takes vacation: Netflix show Lucifer ranges from hilarious to emotional

Savannah Arenas October 22, 2019

Lucifer Samael Morningstar. Satan. The Devil. Lucifer is characterized in scripture as being the ultimate vessel of evil. When Neil Gaiman created the comic Lucifer, he answered a simple question: what...

Netflix original series Insatiable leaves viewers unsatisfied as crass humor and negativity dominate plot

Savannah Arenas September 10, 2018

This article contains spoilers, so if you intend on watching Netflix’s new show Insatiable, read ahead at your own risk. On August 10 of this year, Netflix released a new dramedy series created by...

Second season stranger than first: Netflix original series continues to captivate audiences

Megan Krenek January 17, 2018

CAUTION: Spoilers ahead! Every nerd’s dream-show finally returned to Netflix for a second season, filled with “Dungeons and Dragons” references, telepathy, and my personal favorite-government conspiracies....

13 reasons why not: Series misrepresents important issues

Lucy Raleigh May 4, 2017

WARNING: If you plan on watching 13 Reasons Why and you’re behind the curve, don’t continue reading this article; Spoilers lie ahead! As high school and teen shows go, it can be understood that a...

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