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IB diploma students play games and hang out into the wee hours of the morning to build community.

Students look to build community through fun activity

Lillian Smith, Assistant editor February 29, 2024

Students pursuing higher levels of education and rigorous high school programs sometimes get lost among the books, essays, and projects and miss out on building relationships and a community.  International...

Copy, paste

Lillian Smith, Assistant editor January 12, 2024

Individuality has become a thing of the past due to mass production, overconsumption, and social media taking over the world. Regional differences are disappearing and, more importantly, so are people's...

Grandparents taken for granted

Lillian Smith, Assistant editor October 3, 2023

Grandparents are some of the most interesting people but also tend to be the most difficult to talk to. My grandpa was born in good ol’ 1936 and didn't even own a radio as a kid, so how am I supposed...

Don’t get the hype

Lillian Smith, Staff writer April 5, 2023

Rory Gilmore. While most watch the popular show, Gilmore Girls, because they think Rory is a fashion and academic icon, I see past her “hard work” and Birkin bag (more on that later). In reality, Rory...


February 13, 2023

After moving across the country, joining a new team, and practicing during the off-season, junior Addi Hollinger was told that she would not be able to play the game she loved.  UIL ruled that she was...

Around the Brazos Valley

Lillian Smith, Staff writer November 28, 2022

As a fellow high school student, I understand the struggle we all have to find fun things to do with friends. I am sure everyone is tired of Grand Station, Premier Cinema, and the joke of a mall we have,...

Cuisine trip goes sour, then sweet

Lillian Smith, Staff writer October 20, 2022

A group of agriculture students went on a cuisine trip across Northern Italy this summer, but the trip was far from what any of them could have predicted. From culture shocks to getting home three days...


Lillian Smith, Staff Writer October 14, 2022
The scariest thing this Halloween is the lack of Trick-or-Treaters and the barren, plain yards of Americans. People everywhere are changing their Halloween traditions but not for the better. Instead of a night of scary costumes, long neighborhood walks, and candy, people are just buying the things that make the spooky holiday so special and keeping them for themselves.

Twists, turns, tantalizing topics: Literary mysteries leave audiences guessing

Lillian Smith April 21, 2022
Mystery books are one of the most gripping genres out there, whether it be the suspense when a detective faces off with a criminal or the adrenaline rush when a victim is put into a harrowing situation. These books bring life to crazy and interesting scenarios that are both fun to read and attempt to solve as readers follow along. 

Summer internship provides opportunities through experience, education

Lillian Smith March 29, 2022
Senior Eila Teizer traveled to Berlin, Germany last summer for a political internship. This unique internship included her working under a Green politician in Germany who is equivalent to America’s Pete Budttigies. While she didn't speak with him much, she worked on comparing the different political agendas for transportation in Germany in his office. This internship was not only an incredible opportunity, but it also helped her become more confident about her future plans.

Just keep swimming: Alumni returns to coach swim team

Lillian Smith January 24, 2022
able to see the improvements Tirado has brought to the team. Junior Asa Ayers has seen how he is learning to fill the coaching position from the best.

Switching it up: Nintendo’s newest Animal Crossing game makes being in debt to a raccoon fun

Lillian Smith November 18, 2021
n March 20, 2020, a ray of sunshine broke through the thick clouds of quarantine; Nintendo released Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH), a classic life simulator game with a new take.  
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