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Wise decisions lead to success

Monserrat Madrazo April 25, 2012
For most students, balancing different activities in and outside of school can be a challenge, but for senior Molly Wise, managing the load of academics, art, band and other activities isn’t a problem.

Parents, volunteers boost support for organizations

Monserrat Madrazo April 6, 2012
A booster club is a group of parents that works toward helping an organization fill gaps in their program. They provide support and help with fundraising so that an organization can get things that the district couldn’t otherwise afford.

Mural Club brings color to school

Monserrat Madrazo February 27, 2012
Whether students hope to be the next Picasso or can only draw a stick figure, everyone can find a place in mural club.

Trend of being different makes hipster mainstream

Monserrat Madrazo February 23, 2012
Our surroundings have a big impact on us, and as a result, we think that we need to have what everyone around us has or we won’t fit in. As a kid, I wanted every new toy that came out just so I would fit in. Now it ironically seems that the one thing that everyone wants is to become “hipster”.

Prevent teen suicide; add light, not darkness

Monserrat Madrazo February 4, 2012
Seth Walsh, 13, attempted to take his life on September 19, 2010. He was found by his mother hanging from a tree in their backyard, and was on life support for ten days. He had tried to take his own life because of the constant bullying he endured at school for being openly gay. Even before coming out he was called derogatory names and had to be home schooled on two seperate accounts.

Twilight fades into darkness with fourth movie

Monserrat Madrazo January 24, 2012
I walked into a field of beautiful flowers waiting for him to appear. I had seen him before. He was tall and had gorgeous hair that was at least three feet high...and he sparkled. Maybe that’s what made him look so greasy and in need of a shower.

Guard brings color to performances

Monserrat Madrazo January 9, 2012
Every Friday night the Guard adds color to the football field with the marching band, but their year doesn't end with football season. While the Color Guard is mainly known as an addition to the Friday night football experience, their expertise extends past the lines of school spirit, as they participate in Winter Guard also.

Star Wars continues to shine for new generations

Monserrat Madrazo November 15, 2011
Star Wars: some people love it, some hate it. There usually is no middle ground. I am one of those people who is madly in love with it, which is why, when I heard that the complete saga was going to be released on blu ray with 40 hours of unseen footage, I freaked out.

School should not waste limited funds

Monserrat Madrazo September 29, 2011
Have you ever noticed how many stickers or posters are on Silver Campus? There are other ways, the school could be spending money, like giving it to academics departments instead of cutting their budgets.
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