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The world according to Abel: The End

Abel Lara May 12, 2012
Well everybody it’s the end. This is my last article for the Norseman and as I get ready to graduate and start my life, I can’t help but look back and reflect on my four years at Bryan High. Each year was a struggle to not only graduate, but just to find myself.

The World according to Abel: Aggiecon

Abel Lara April 24, 2012
Aggiecon is a convention where you can find a Jedi to your left and a hobbit to your right where all the nightmares of the apocalypse come to life and geeks run free.

World according to Abel:Relationships

Abel Lara April 10, 2012
A teenager’s first love is the greatest. When you think you’ve finally found a person you believe understands you and accepts you, it’s pure bliss. All the attention and acknowledgement you get from that person makes you so happy, but is this what love is? J

Changing future by learning about past

Abel Lara April 4, 2012
While some teachers swear by textbook teaching and rote learning, others open up new avenues of communication in the classroom to reach their students. However history teacher Ruth Whiteley brings a fresh twist to usher the past into the present.

The world according to Abel: Secret Prison

Abel Lara March 21, 2012
Time after time, I think what’s the use? How can anyone hear anything I say? My voice shall fade away like everything else I thought this school meant to it’s students.

Legalization of Marijuana Debate: Against

Abel Lara February 2, 2012
Marijuana legalization is a topic that has been debated for years now. No matter what you say, or do there are people who will always argue with you till the end. The surprising thing to most people is where I stand on the issue.

The world according to Abel: My Daddy

Abel Lara January 26, 2012
It’s not uncommon for kids today to live with their struggling, single, mothers who are striving to make ends meet and pulling their hair out with stress. My single parent is not an out-of-control mother but a half-deaf, metal head that I call daddy.

The world according to Abel: In 25 years

Abel Lara December 1, 2011
Twenty-five years ago, my dad was a senior here. Twenty-five years later, I’m now a senior too. When my dad’s twenty-fifth class reunion came around and he took me with him, it was a scary eye-opener for me. As I met some of my dad’s old friends, I couldn’t help but think about myself in his place twenty-five years from now.

Holiday Feature: Happy Thanksgiving

Abel Lara November 22, 2011

"In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. For more than two centuries,...

The world according to Abel: The Lion King

Abel Lara October 15, 2011
The movie has a special place in not only my heart, but the hearts of my entire generation. When the news broke that it was going to be rereleased in 3D, my friends and I couldn’t contain our excitement.

Youth leadership Day unites students, makes difference in community

Abel Lara October 13, 2011
United Way is a national organization that focuses on resolving community issues and making a positive impact on the community through partnerships with schools, businesses and local governments

The world according to Abel: Mayhem Fest

Abel Lara October 11, 2011
It’s 108 degrees at three o’clock on a Texas afternoon. Now, smart people would be inside with the air conditioner on full blast but not me! On Wednesday August 10, my dad,my best friend and I set out on a mission; a mission to release the inner monsters that were craving the mosh pits, the loud speakers in our face and the thrashing of guitars that went right to our cores. Mayhem Fest 2011 was our destination.
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